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Christall Image Colour Samples


Colour is one of the building blocks of fashion. In this consultation, a special procedure for colour analysis will be used, consisting of draping various colours to determine which of 12 different colour groups you belong to. Your required contrast level for your particular clothes and hair colour will also be determined based on your colour analysis.

Have you ever considered the fabrics and patterns that you wear? I will provide you with an understanding of their interplay with colour to determine which suits you the most. The options relating to your particular hair and eye colour will be discussed, as well as how colour links to your personality. You will also be provided with a colour swatch for your colour group which will make shopping so much easier, as well as a colour booklet.
R 1250 for 11/2 hours
Christall Image Style


The style session determines exactly what you look best in. From dresses to trousers to coats to shorts, this session will provide you with a comprehensive guideline to what is going to make you look fantastic. It is designed for any age, weight, shape or size, including neck lines, hem lines, jacket lengths, skirts, pants, shoes, swim wear and even lingerie. Your dress personality is also included.

Your precise measurements are taken and then you are provided with a style profile and booklet that is custom made for you and to deliver precise advice for over 500 garments and accessory styles.
R 1250 for 11/2 hours
Christall Image Wardrobe Wonder

Wardrobe Wonder

Planning your wardrobe is one of the first steps in ensuring that you look fabulous every day. I will show you the joys of getting up each morning and planning what you are to wear. Before you can get to this stage it will be important to go through a process of throwing out the old or unused, mending those necessary items and organizing what you keep into different sections and colours so that coordinating your outfits is that much easier.
R 400 per hour (minimum 3 hours)
Christall Image Shop 'Til You Drop

Shop 'Til You Drop

Never get frustrated again when shopping! I will show you the best selections and ranges for your tastes and body shape. No more struggling for sizes; I will assist you with trying on all your garments. Obviously you are at liberty to request shops of your choice. Using the principals outlined in my sessions you are guaranteed to see a real transformation!

R400 per hour (minimum 3 hours)
Christall Image Shop 'Til You Drop

The Total Makeover (Before and After)

This total package deal will have you transformed with a brand new look. Watch at how the world responds differently to the new enhanced You!

This amazing deal includes:
  • A colour consultation
  • A style consultation
  • Wardrobe Wonder
  • Shop 'til you Drop
For the special price of R2500 (1/2 price deal)
Christall Image Style and Image Talks

Style and Image Talks

  • 1 and a ½ hour of fun that is also informative
  • Basic style components: how to dress various body types, using vertical and horizontal lines when dressing, face shapes and hairstyles, look one size smaller, how to dress using patterns and prints, stripes and hemlines
  • Colour groups and warm and cool seasons; how to use colour when dressing, how to determine your colour group and season, how to use colour to make you appear slimmer, how to use a focal point in your outfit for great effect
  • Make-up tips for every women
  • Shopping: how to avoid frustrations and disappointments, how to plan your shop
  • Interesting, informative and entertaining!
  • Perfect for ladies meetings and parties, high-teas, mother - and - daughter tea

R 2 500 (Minimum of 4 - 10 people. Additional persons charged at R 200 each.)
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